Montgomery Heating Tip: Warning Signs of a Broken Heater

Many homeowners neglect to get repairs for the heating system in their Montgomery area home simply because they aren’t aware that perhaps the heater needs a repair or check-up. Routine maintenance and taking care of repair needs ASAP will help to prevent breakdowns and ensure safe and efficient operation. Call the HVAC experts at Hans Heating & Air Conditioning if you think you may need a repair for your heater.

Here are some warning signs and potential problems with a heat pump or furnace.

Noisy Heat Pump Compressor

The compressor in your heat pump is an important component of your entire heating system. When an air-source heat pump is on heating mode during the winter, the compressor’s job is to compress the cool air outside and heat it to the desired temperature before it’s distributed throughout your home. The compressor also reverses the flow of the refrigerant to defrost the outdoor coils during the defrost cycle, and it needs adequate airflow to perform both of these tasks. This is why changing air filters and keeping the outdoor unit clear of debris is an important maintenance task.

If the airflow is restricted, or there’s another issue with the compressor, it may make a loud or unusual noise. While all heat pumps make some noise, excessive noise is not normal. You should call a heating contractor if you start to hear any loud or strange noises coming from the compressor of your heat pump. Letting a noisy compressor go for too long could cause damage to the compressor and potentially damage other major components of your heating system.

Increased Utility Bills

When the compressor or other parts of the heat pump are damaged, it reduces the efficiency and performance levels.  You can usually tell by increased utility bills that occur suddenly. Another sign is the heat pump not heating your home as adequately as it used to. Call a heating technician if you notice any of these changes. Increased bills and lack of heat are also signs that your gas or electric furnace may need repairs.

Call the Montgomery heating professionals at Hans Heating & Air Conditioning any time you need a repair for your heater. Call us today!

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