How Heat Strips Work in Montgomery, AL

If you live in a warm climate then a dependable heating system may not be a big concern for you. However, even in warm climate areas there are bound to be some chilly days and nights here and there. If you do not have a heating system installed in your Montgomery, AL home or if you existing heating system is ineffective or inefficient you may not want to invest in a brand new heating system that will only be used sporadically. In these cases a heat strip can be a great option for keeping your home warm. Hans Heating & Air Conditioning has some information about heating strips for you to consider. They may be a good heating option for you. Contact us today with any questions you still have regarding heating strips.

Heating strips essentially turn your air conditioning system into a heater. A heat strip is installed into the air handler of your central air conditioning system. The air handler contains many components, including a blower and the evaporator coil of your air conditioner. By adding a heat strip to the mix you more or less wind up with an air handler that doubles as an electric furnace. This versatility allows you to heat your home when you need to without having to invest in expensive new equipment.

Depending on the condition of your existing central air conditioning system your heat strip enabled air handler can heat your home very efficiently. It uses existing duct work, meaning that no new construction or installations will be necessary. You can also use options such as variable speed motors to ensure that you are getting the best performance possible from your electric heat strip.

Heat strips do not have to be used as your primary heat source, either. If you operate a heat pump, for instance, you can incorporate a heat strip into the system. Your heat pump will do most of the work, but when it is overwhelmed your electric heat stri9p can take over the responsibility of heating your home. This means that you have a completely electric system with a backup should the cold be too much for your heat pump itself to handle.

If you are interested in supplementing your central AC air handler or your heat pump with an electric heat strip call the home heating experts at Hans Heating and Air Conditioning today. Our heating technicians have the information you need. Don’t settle for even a single chilly night in your Montgomery, AL home. Call Hans Heating to ensure your comfort this cold season.

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